WarningZ Feature Comparison

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Advanced features that the others can't match!

Standard Features





Innovative Display - See your priorities at a glance.

Dynamic Prioritization - Automatic sort of priorities.

Smart Alerts - Alerts and Notifications ahead of time.

Universal Links - Instant Access to any data available on your device.

Powerful Repeats - Reminding you in time, everytime.

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Advanced Features





Quick Create

Create from templates.  Create, Import and Export Templates 

Custom Caution and Warning Periods - Know when to prepare and when to act before the deadline.

Smart Actions Links - Combine Linked items to compose smart messages

Automatic or Manual Update

Update History with Update rollback.

Custom Expiry Behaviour

Send / Share items including links.

Cloud Syncing

Cloud Syncing including all links

Sync using iCloud - use the cloud you have!

Delete items

Archive / Suspend items

Themable - customise the look of WarningZ

Tag / Emoji personalisation of WarnZ

Group or Stack Items

Multiple Columns

Multiple Panels

Spawn Calendar items