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Beta Tester

Beta Tester?

Would you like to help us make WarningZ better?

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WarningZ Beta Testing:

Once you have signed up and been accepted as a Beta Tester you will receive an invitation email to test the latest Beta from No SnagZ Ltd.

You will need to have installed the 'Testflight' app from the App Store before the invitation will work.

You can find out more here: Testflight App

Beta Tester Privacy. 
When you sign up to become a Beta Tester we store the following:


First Name / Surname or Family Name.
Email Address.
Which iOS devices you own.
IP Address.

This information is stored in an encrypted folder on our server.

You may at anytime request that No SnagZ Ltd:

Show you what information we hold.
Update or correct that information.
Delete that information.

No SnagZ Ltd will ensure the safety of your data. We will not pass that information to any third party, nor use it for any marketing or data mining. Your data will only be used to assist us with understanding the performance of the WarningZ App during testing or to contact you.

When using WarningZ any information you enter (dates, contact data, other data, images, text, websites and files either manually entered or linked to) is not visible to No SnagZ Ltd. All information is stored on your device and in Apple's cloud infrastructure. You can consider that security of that information to be exactly the same as any other information you store in an Apple App on your device or in iCloud.

Important: If you send us a screenshot of WarningZ as part of a bug reporting or beta test communication that image may contain or display some of your information. No SnagZ Ltd will respect your privacy, ensure the security of that image and will delete that image on resolution of that bug or test communication.