Quick WarnZ and Copying a WarnZ


There are 3 ways to create a WarnZ. Via a ‘Template’; or by creating a ‘Quick WarnZ’; or by copying and then editing an existing WarnZ. We covered creating a WarnZ using a template in ‘Create a WarnZ’. In this tutorial we cover ‘Quick WarnZ’ and copying a WarnZ.

Quick WarnZ are used to create a WarnZ swiftly when you don’t have the time to set up a template created WarnZ and you just wish to record an idea, task or event. You can come back to it later and convert it into a full WarnZ when it is convenient.

Copying or Duplicating a WarnZ is a quick way of using an existing WarnZ as a template and then editing it to suit a new purpose.


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To create a ‘Quick WarnZ’, with the column view scrolled to show the top WarnZ, pull down on the column and a Quick WarnZ will rotate in at the top of the column.

If you have scrolled down and pulled in a Quick WarnZ by mistake you can hide it, as long as you have not edited it, by pushing the column up and the Quick WarnZ will rotate out of the display.

Try it!


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You can also click cancel to hide the Quick WarnZ


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The simplest Quick WarnZ can be created by editing the title only.

To clear the text from the title box tap the grey x at the right end of the Title field. Then type in a new Title.

Then tap ‘Done’.


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This creates an Amber ‘To Do’ with no due date.

This WarnZ will remain Amber and you will get an alarm / notification every day until updated.


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When you have completed the task: swipe right on the WarnZ and tap the grey tick box. The WarnZ will then be archived because it has no repeat set.

Any archived WarnZ is grey coloured and can be found at the bottom of the column of WarnZ.

Learn more about archiving in a later tutorial section.


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To create a more complex Quick WarnZ edit the title field and the Emoji. Here the emoji has been changed to a ‘Dollar Bag’.

To add a due date tap in the ‘No Due Date’ field.


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This will reveal a date picker at the bottom of the screen.

Select the date that you wish to complete the task by and then tap update expiry at the top of the picker.

This will close the picker and enter the date in the date field.


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If you need to change the date tap on the grey x in the date field and the date will revert to ‘No Due Date’.

Add links if you wish. See a later tutorial.

Then tap done to create the WarnZ.


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A Quick WarnZ with a due date is created.

The Quick WarnZ will remain Amber and you will get an alarm / notification each day until the date on which it is due when it will turn Red. It will remain Red and you will continue to get an alarm / notification until updated.


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When the task has been completed; right swipe on the WarnZ and tap on the grey tick box. The WarnZ will be archived because it has no repeat set.


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Once it has been created you can turn any Quick WarnZ into a full WarnZ.

Double tap on the WarnZ in the Column view to open its’ details page. In either Pilot or Ace User Mode you can then completely customize the WarnZ to your requirements.

For a full explanation of how to customize a WarnZ and all the functions of the Details Page see the Details Page tutorial.


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If you have a 3D touch enabled device (iPhone 6S or later) you can create a new Quick WarnZ from your Home page with a single press on the WarningZ icon. Then choose ‘New Quick WarnZ’.


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Another way to quickly create a WarnZ is to copy or duplicate an existing WarnZ.

If you have a WarnZ that is very similar to the WarnZ you wish to create tap on it once. The WarnZ will shrink slightly to show it has been selected and an actions bar will appear at the bottom of the display.

The actions are (from left to right):
Update, Archive, Share, Duplicate, and Details.

Tap on the duplicate icon.


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A duplicate of the WarnZ is then created using the old title followed by‘Copy’. The duplicate WarnZ will be an exact copy of the original including dates and links!

To edit it and customize it to your needs double tap on the WarnZ to open the WarnZ Details Page. Or you can single tap and then tap on the details icon (the WarningZ triangle icon) on the right end of the actions bar.

In any User Mode (Rookie, Pilot or Ace) edit the name of the WarnZ and set a new date. Then tap Done.

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