Using and Adding Links


Links are what makes WarningZ such a powerful app. Not only will WarningZ prioritise and then warn you to get things done before any deadline, it also provides you with the tools to complete the actions required. Links give you access to all the information on the web, in the cloud and on your device so that you will ‘Get it done - In Time - Every Time’.

This Tutorial covers the following:

Using a link.
Creating and Deleting a Link.

And then, in more detail, the types of links:

Smart Actions.

Finally we will suggest how you can make files available from apps, such as iBooks, that are not set up to be ‘document providers’ (they cannot be accessed by other apps) by moving files to a cloud service.


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A WarnZ shows it has a link or multiple links attached by displaying a ‘chain link’ icon below the emoji.


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To reveal the links attached to a WarnZ swipe left.


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2 icons will drag in from the right. These are the ‘Show Links’ icon and the ‘More Options’ icon.

To display the links tap on the ‘Show Links’ icon (the chain link icon).


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Alternatively you can swipe all the way to the left and when the link icon expands horizontally to fill the WarnZ the links will be displayed.


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When the links are displayed the days to go or due date is hidden.

In this example there are 3 icons displayed:

An ‘Add New Link’ Icon.
And 2 links : A ‘Contact’. And a ‘Note’.

Tap the link icon to activate the appropriate action or to access the linked information.


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The contact displayed is the contact card for that person on your device. In effect tapping on the icon has opened the Contacts app and displayed the correct contact.

If you now tap on any item in the contact list the correct action will occur. Tapping on the number will ring the contact. Tapping on the email address will create an email to the contact. And tapping on the address will open Maps to show their location, or so that you can get directions to that location.


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The note icon displays a simple note taking screen. In this example: A list of birthday present ideas.

You can add multiple notes to a WarnZ and swap between them using the chooser on the header bar.

To add more items to the note tap on ‘Edit’


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If you have a 3D touch phone (iPhone 6S or later) you can access the List of Links by using peek and pop.

With the links icons revealed on the WarnZ press lightly (peek) to preview the Links List page.

This can be used to see exactly which links are attached to the WarnZ. Useful when you have more than one link of the same type attached.


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To then access the links via the Links List page continue to press and the List page will ‘pop’ open.

You can then access specific links by tapping on them


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To hide the links icons on the WarnZ and display the Days to Go or Due Date - swipe left and tap on the links icon. Or swipe all the way left to expand the links icon to full width and hide the links.


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To create a link in a WarnZ that does not have a link already added: Swipe left.


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This displays the add link icon. Tap to add a link.

Alternately swipe fully left to complete the add link action.


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This will display the links edit page.

To add a link tap on the green + icon next to the link you wish to create.

You can add:

Actions (Phone, Message, Email)
Web pages

Once you have added a link tap ‘Done’ to return to the Links List page.


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To add a link to a WarnZ that has as an existing link: swipe left and tap on the links icon (or long swipe left) to reveal the links.

Then tap on the ‘Add Link’ icon (the + formed from chain links) on the left.


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Alternatively you can access the links attached to a WarnZ via the WarnZ’s details page.

To open the WarnZ’s details page either double tap on the WarnZ; or single tap to select and then select the details icon (the WarningZ triangle) on the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Then tap on the ‘Quick Links’ field to access the links.


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This will open the Links List page.

To edit, add or delete links tap on the ‘Edit’ at the top right.


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This will open the Links List page.

To edit, add or delete links tap on the ‘Edit’ at the top right.


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Then to complete the deletion of the link tap on ‘Delete’.


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You cannot initiate or view the added links from the Links Edit page: only add or delete links. (Apple functionality).

To view or access the links once added tap ‘Done’ to close the Edit Page and return to the Links List Page.

Alternatively you can tap ‘<Personal' to return to the column view of WarnZ and access the links via the link icons on the WarnZ.


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On the Links List page you can view or initiate the links. A tap on each item will either initiate the action or open the item.

To add more links tap the ‘edit’ at top right.


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You can also delete links by swiping left.


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To add a contact to a WarnZ tap on the green + icon to open your device’s Contacts list.


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Scroll to or use the contact search to find the contact to be added.

Tap on the contact to add it to the WarnZ.


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The contact is added on the Links Edit page.


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You can add multiple contacts to any WarnZ.

With multiple contacts added when you tap on the ‘Contact’ link icon on the WarnZ you will be presented with a ‘chooser’ to select which contact you wish to access.


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To add an ‘Action’ to a WarnZ tap on the green + icon to the left of the ‘Add Action’ icon.


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Choose a contact from the contact list; then select either a landline number, a mobile number or a email address from that contact’s details.


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If you select the email address then it is is added on the Links Edit page.

The email link creates a ‘Smart Action’ link if other links are added to the WarnZ.

Smart action links are covered later in this tutorial.


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If you select a mobile phone number you will be shown a ‘chooser’ to select whether the action link created should create a new Message or dial the mobile number.

‘Neither’ cancels the add Action link.


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If you choose ‘Message’ a Message action link is added.

The Message link creates a ‘Smart Action’ link if a note is added to the WarnZ.

Smart Action links are covered later in this tutorial.


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If you choose ‘Call’ a Phone Action link to the phone number is added.

Similarly if you select a landline number in the contact then a Phone Action link is created (but without needing the ‘chooser’).


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You can add as many action links as you wish. These act as single action links if no other links are added to the WarnZ.

Tapping on the phone icon will immediately commence a call to the linked number.

Tapping the Message icon will create a new Message.

Tapping on Email icon will create a new Email to the linked email address.


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‘Smart Action Links’ are created if you have a Message or Email Action Link added to the WarnZ with any of the following links added:

Web address (URL) or search

For this example links have been created to:

A Note with the title ‘Hi Peter’
A photo of of a Dog
A Pages file called ‘Essay’.


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These multiple links will all be displayed on the WarnZ.

Tapping on the Note, Photo or File will open a viewer with the attached Note, image or file.

Tapping on Email will add the text of the Note to the body of the email, insert the image and add the file to the email as an attachment. Tapping on Message will use the text of the note in the Message.

Smart Links!


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For example:

The content of the Note titled ‘Hi Peter’ creates the text of the email.
The image creates relevant content.
And the file is attached to complete the information you wish to send.

You can set multiple email addresses in the Action Links; and WarningZ will create an email with all the addressees added to the ‘To’ field

Smart Action links will save you time and effort for all types of emails. For example:

Sending out reminders or newsletters
Sending files to multiple people.
Renewing Memberships.
Booking appointments.

And many more!


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Similarly: If you use an Action link to create a Message then the content of any Note will be used to create the text of the Message.

You can use the Note to pre-compose the text of a message!


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To add a web link to a WarnZ tap on the green + icon next to ‘Add Web Link’


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The web search / address entry page opens.

In the field ‘WebSite URL’ above the keyboard you can either enter:

A website address


A word or phrase to search for….

If you enter a word or phrase WarningZ will automatically start a Google search for that item when you tap ‘Go’.


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Your search will be saved as a link if you either tap on the ‘<Back' at the top left or on the bookmark icon at top right.

You will notice the book mark icon flashes when you first open a web page or search. It does this to remind you to bookmark that page if that is where you wish the link to open.

The bookmark icon is also useful if you navigate away from the first page and you subsequently decide that the new page is the page you want to link to. Just tap on the bookmark to link to that web address.


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If you enter a web address (URL) that page is opened.

To bookmark the page as a link tap on the bookmark icon at top right.
Then tap ‘<Back' to return to the Links Edit page.


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The web page is added as a link to the WarnZ Links Edit page. To return to the column of WarnZ tap '<Personal'.

If you wish to check the link is correctly targeted tap ‘Done’ to access the WarnZ Links List page.


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On the Links List page tap on any link to view in a browser.

Tap on ‘Edit’ to add more or edit links.

Swipe left to delete a link.


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Web links are opened within WarningZ and can be navigated exactly as they can be within the full version of Safari.

Important: The only Apple limitation on the in-app browser is that when adding webpages protected by a password dialogue then Keychain (the Apple password manager) does not work, nor will pop up password entry boxes display.

Once the page is bookmarked and viewed via a link then the browser and ‘Keychain’ work correctly.

Should you wish to change to the full version of Safari then tap the Safari Icon at the bottom of the page.

The option to use the full version of Safari is also available when adding a web page as an Action Link but you will receive a Warning, on changing to Safari, that once you have left the in-app browser WarningZ cannot track or bookmark your navigation.


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To add a Note to a WarnZ tap on the green + icon next to ‘Add Note’


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Add a title and contents.

Tap ‘Done’ when complete


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To edit or add new items to a note tap ‘Edit’.


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If you have added multiple notes you can switch between them using the < and > in the chooser at the top.


Any note you have created will be added to an email if the email is created using an ‘Smart Action’ link. You can use the text in the note to pre-compose the text content of the email. Since all notes are added you could use each note to contain alternate versions of the text and then delete the text of the version you don’t need.


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To create a checklist tap on the green + icon next to ‘Add Checklist’


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The first item of the checklist is already highlighted so just start typing to enter your first item.


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To enter the item on the list either tap ‘Done’ on the keyboard or tap + to create a new item.

The ‘Done’ on the header closes the checklist edit view.


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Enter all the checklist items until your list is complete.


Placeholder Picture

These items are obviously in the wrong order.

You can reorder them by dragging the item using the 3 horizontal lines on the right.


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Drag item and release to re-order the list as required.


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When the list is complete and ordered as you require tap ‘Done’ at the top right to exit the checklist edit view.


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Items are now ready to be checked off on completion.

To check off an item tap on it.


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Once checked an item is moved to the ‘Done’ section and change to green text.

An item can be moved back to the ‘Pending’ section by tapping on it (un-checking).


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All items can be moved to the ‘Done’ section when the ‘Tick All’ is available to the left of ‘Edit’.


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Conversely all items can be moved to the ‘Pending’ section when the ‘Un-Tick All’ is available.


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Checklist items can only be deleted when they are in the ‘Done’ section by swiping left to reveal a ‘Delete’.


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Or by tapping on ‘Edit’ then tapping on the red minus icon next to ‘Done’ section items.


Placeholder Picture

The title of the checklist always shows the number of items done. In this case (2/4) 2 items have been done.


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This is also displayed on the Links List page so that you can see the status of the checklist without opening it.

This is useful when previewing the Links List page via 3D touch ‘peek’ from the WarnZ (when the links are displayed) in the WarnZ column view.


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You can add an image or images to a WarnZ by tapping on the green + icon next to the ‘Add Image’ on the WarnZ Links Edit page.


Placeholder Picture

Choose which source (Library or Camera) you wish to add the image from.


Placeholder Picture

If you have chosen Library: Choose a folder from your Library and select an image.


Placeholder Picture

Confirm your choice of image by tapping ‘Choose’.


Placeholder Picture

The image is now linked to the WarnZ
Tap ‘Done’ to return to the Links List page or ‘<Personal' to return to the column view of WarnZ.

If you have added an email Smart Action link then on the creation of the email your image will be added to the body of the email.


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If you choose ‘Camera’ the camera app opens.

Take a picture.


Placeholder Picture

Choose whether to ‘Retake’ or ‘Use Photo’.


Placeholder Picture

The Photo is added to the links.

If a tag switch is displayed next to the image then, when switched on, the image will replace the WarnZ emoji.


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You can attach files to a WarnZ by tapping on the (green + icon) next to ‘Add Files’.


Important: Files can be attached to WarnZ when they are hosted by some cloud storage services and some Apps. Many Apps that only store files on your device will not allow access to those files because they want you to work with those files within their own App. These Apps will not act as ‘Document Providers’ to 3rd Party Apps like WarningZ. Apps that will work with WarningZ are generally those that use or synchronise their files with cloud storage. Therefore to ensure that you can link a file to a WarnZ it is best to use Apps (such a Pages, Word, Numbers, Excel, PDF expert etc.) that can store their files in the cloud.

The following cloud storage services are known to work well with WarningZ:

iCloud Drive (Apple)
Google Drive (Google)
OneDrive (Microsoft)

Other services should also work but have not been fully tested.


Placeholder Picture

Choose the cloud storage service or document provider that has the files you wish to link to.

In this example:

ICloud Drive, Google Drive and OneDrive are cloud storage services.

PDF Expert is an app on the iDevice that acts as a document provider.

If the service you wish to use is not displayed tap ‘More’


Placeholder Picture

‘More’ allows you to check that the service provider is switched on.

Important: For a service to be displayed you must have the document or cloud storage provider’s App installed on your device. You may need a service plan. Many providers offer free plans.

iCloud Drive is always installed by default and is therefore not shown on this list. You can access iCloud drive settings via your device ‘Settings’.


Placeholder Picture

For this example: we tapped on iCloud Drive which will display the iCloud Drive Folder Chooser.

You can see folders for 3 of Apple’s own Apps (Keynote, Numbers and Pages) and 3 folders where 3rd party Apps store documents using iCloud (PDFExpert, Scanbot and Scanner).

Choose the folder in which the file you wish to link to is stored.


Placeholder Picture

Tap on the file to which you wish to link.


Placeholder Picture

The file is linked to the WarnZ and can be accessed from the WarnZ links in the WarnZ Column View.

Important: You may need a wifi or mobile data connection for any linked file to display if it is not also stored locally.


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Selecting other file locations will work in a similar fashion although the file / folder navigation may be different depending on the provider.


The simplest method to make files available for linking if an App is not a ‘document provider’ is to email them to yourself and then move them into cloud storage.


Placeholder Picture

From within the app containing the file you wish to link to: email (sometimes found under ‘Share’) a copy to yourself.

When the email arrives download the file (by tapping on the attachment) and then ‘long press’ on the attachment.


Placeholder Picture

This will open a ‘chooser’ and you should tap on ‘Save Attachment’ if you wish to save the file to iCloud.

Else tap on the cloud storage provider of your choice.

If the choice is not visible you can swipe left or right through the options available.

Important: You will need a cloud storage provider App (other than iCloud which is already installed by default) with a storage plan set up on your device to see other options.


Placeholder Picture

Select the folder in which you wish to store the file.

You can also select other options for saving the file by tapping on ‘Locations’.


Placeholder Picture

In the folder tap on ‘Export to this location’.

Other cloud options will have slightly different methodology but will be essentially similar.

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