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WarningZ will ensure that you never miss an event or deadline! It uses ‘real world time management’ so that you are always prepared for an event or deadline; and it gives you access to all the tools you need to complete a task in time.

WarningZ automatically prioritises your tasks using caution (yellow) and warning (amber) periods that you choose depending on how long it takes to prepare for and complete a task. Just like real life!

It then displays your tasks - we call them ‘WarnZ’ - using an innovative and intuitive traffic light display!

Red for a task that is either due today or is overdue.

Amber prompting you to complete a task.

Yellow advising you to prepare.

Green telling you to relax - nothing to do!

And non-critical ‘nice to do’ tasks can be shown in blue.

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Then get the tasks done by using the links you have attached to each WarnZ.

The Car Periodic Maintenance task has a ‘Contact’ and a ‘Web’ address attached allowing you to contact your preferred mechanic without having to hunt through your contacts list.

Tap on the contact icon and you jump straight to the contact card enabling you to quickly make a booking!

You can link to almost any data on your device to help you get the task done!

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You can link to contacts, web pages, documents and images. And you can create notes and lists. Or create quick actions - phone calls, texts or messages, and emails.

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You can add as many links to each WarnZ as you need to get the task done.

The Car Loan Repayments has links to the Contact for the Loan Company; its Web Page; a note with details of the car; a picture of the Car; and a PDF of the loan agreement.

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Once you have used a contact to make an appointment WarningZ helps you create a calendar appointment (with all the link information) to get you there on time.

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Then update the WarnZ with a swipe action and it will ensure you ‘Get it done - In Time’ next time!

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