Create a WarnZ


There are 3 ways to create a WarnZ. Via a ‘Template’; or by creating a ‘Quick WarnZ’; or by copying and then editing an existing WarnZ.

We will cover creating by Template first because it the simplest way to create a new WarnZ.


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WarningZ comes with a library of pre-composed templates. You can also create your own but we will cover that in a different help topic.

To access the Templates click on the + at the top right of the screen.
This will take you to the templates library and let you choose the most appropriate Template for your task.


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Each template shows a name; the emoji selected for it; whether the template is a favourite or not; and who created the template.

The amount of information shown depends on which ‘User’ mode you are in (Rookie, Pilot or Ace). We will cover more on this later and elsewhere. What you see here is the ‘Rookie’ level information.

The name will give you a good idea on what the template can be used for. The birthday template can be used for birthdays but also, for any annual event such as anniversaries or reunions because it will count the number of times it has repeated.

Scroll up or down to find a template that suits your task and then tap on it to select it. The screen will change to the ‘Detail’ page to allow you to edit / personalize the WarnZ for your use.


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To personalize the WarnZ first give it a name. Tapping on the word ‘New’ in the Name field will allow you to simply add a real name.

Tapping on the emoji will allow you to change the WarnZ Tag.

The Details Mode allows you to change the amount of information you can personalise. Have a play to see what changes! We will cover this in more detail later.

Since this is a Birthday template you should note that in the Dates field it says ‘Date of Birth’. You should use the date picker to set the person’s actual date of birth for the WarnZ to display the person’s age!

We will cover setting links elsewhere.


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As soon as you edit any field ‘Done’ appears at the top right of the screen to allow you to create the WarnZ.

The Emoji has been changed to a lollipop.

And Peter’s ‘Date of Birth’ has been set to the 18 Mar 1992.

To create the WarnZ hit ‘Done’!


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Peter’s birthday is created in the ‘Column’ view showing that his birthday is 210 days and that he will be 25!

One way to reopen the details page is to double tap on the WarnZ.


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The Dates field now shows the ‘Next Birthday’ as 25 years old on the 18 Mar 2017.


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The WarnZ reminding you of Peter’s birthday will turn Yellow 1 week before his birthday and you will receive an alarm and notification.

It will then turn Amber 2 days before and you will receive an alarm and notification every day until his birthday.

On his birthday the WarnZ will turn Red with a further alarm and notification.


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The 1 week Yellow Caution and 2 day Amber Warning are standard for the Birthday Template but you can change them if you change to Pilot user mode on the WarnZ Details page. That reveals the WarnZ Periods.

Tapping on the Warning or Caution fields will show a picker allowing you to personalise the periods.


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Here the Amber Warning has been changed to 3 days and the Yellow Caution to 2 weeks.

WarningZ allows you to personalise every period to meet your needs.

In this example you might need a 2 week Caution to buy a birthday present and then a 3 day Warning to ensure it is posted!

WarningZ will ensure you get it done in time!


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If you have a 3D touch enabled device (iPhone 6S or later) you can jump straight to the template chooser from your Home page with a single press on the WarningZ icon. Then choose ‘New WarnZ From Template’.

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