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Life Manager

Innovative Display
Dynamic Prioritization
Smart alerts
Universal Links
Powerful Repeats

Everything in one amazing app!

Get it Done - in time - every time


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'"I've have had an early version for a while now and it has completely changed how I remember the important stuff. Birthdays were always a panic before but now I get everything done in time and I don't buy belated birthday cards anymore!"       June.      UK.

"Finally, something that does what it says on the tin.  Life Manager is the right title for it.  It seems so obviously right that I can't believe it's not been done before."       Alex.       UK

"I never got on with To-Do lists and I'd almost given up looking for one that I could live with.  Then I saw someone using WarningZ at work and had a quick play with it.  Wow!  Finally found what I was looking for. Something that actuallys help you get stuff done!"     Si.     UK

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